Colortec HMI-M

◈ Colortec HMI-M

Colortec HMI-M (Highlighter Marker Ink – Mild)
Colortec HMI-M is a unique technology that distinguishes itself from other companies and has unique color and uniform particle size using fine pigment made from the synthesis of polymers and fluorescent dyes. It is characterized by soft colors and consists of a subtle sense of color, reduce eye fatigue as compared to Colortec HMI. It has excellent fastness (water resistance, light fastness, heat resistance) and is used as ink of highlighter in stationery products.

⊙ The color is varied because the ink base is synthesized by itself to make the ink
⊙ Reduce eye fatigue with soft colors and subtle colors
⊙ Excellent gloss and fastness(water fastness, light fastness, heat fastness)
⊙ Can be used for various types of paper such as copy paper, fax paper, etc.
⊙ Ink stain does not come out the back of the paper (no rear penetration phenomenon)

5.5 ~ 8.0
Specific gravity
1.00 ~ 1.08
3.0 ~ 5.0 cP
Water resistance
Surface tension
25 ~ 40 dyne/cm
Light resistance
⊙ 25kg in plastic square drum
⊙ 30kg in plastic open drum
⊙ 100kg in plastic open drum

⊙ ASTM D 4236
⊙ EN - 71 part 3 / part 9

Color Shade(※ The actual color may be different from the color chart below.)