Digital Printing Ink

◈ Digital Printing Ink

◈ Sublimation Ink

Colortec Sub   /  Colortec D-Sub   

   Images are printed directly on pretreated polyester fabrics, rather than being printed on transfer paper, and are heated by a heat fixture to fix the color on the fabric. Therefore, this method does not require transfer paper. This can reduce or eliminate defects such as ghosting and various wave or tiger stripe patterns commonly found in roll-to-roll transfer printing.

◈ Direct Textile Print Ink
Colortec DLFI   /   Colortec DPTI /   Colortec DLPI 

   Unlike sublimation transfer printing, direct fiber printing is not a method of printing on paper and sublimation to fiber but printing directly on fiber, so paper is not used, simplifying the process and reducing cost. Direct textile printing is divided into two types depending on whether the ink contains binders (materials that bind the fibers with the pigment). In order to simplify the process, it is recommended that the binder is contained in the ink, but since the binder is not included in terms of stability, it is divided into two and used according to the purpose.