Dispersion & Emulsion

◈ Dispersion & Emulsion

◈ Antioxidant


SKYNOX is an antioxidant based on the butylated reaction product of p-cresol dicyclopentadiene (cresol derivative). It is a premium antioxidant that is very effective in protecting polymer systems and is excellent in thermal stability and storage stability.

◈ EBS Dispersion

SKYEBS is a dispersion based on ethylene bis stearamide (EBS). This is a dispersion which improves short life time and storage stability, which is a problem when dispersing hydrophobic ethylene bis stearamide. It is used as a sensitizer for lubrication and thermal paper.

◈ Isocyanate Dispersion

SKYLINK is a dispersion of products used for crosslinking and adhesive function with various products. Typically, SKYLINK IC disperses blocked isocyanate and has excellent storage stability and adhesion.

◈ Pigment Dispersion

Pigment Dispersion is a finely dispersed pigment with particles of 1.0 μm or less. It has excellent workability, heat fastness, light fastness, acid fastness, and alkali fastness. It also has good dispersion stability and is used for industrial materials such as paint, stationery, Gel-pen ink, DTP ink, plastic coating ink.